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Pink Friday Lipstick Colors – Limited Editions

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Pink Friday Cosmetics Liquid Matte lipsticks, despite their wet liquid appearance are not glossy once applicated to the lips and has dried . They apply as a liquid because they contain more oils and polymers (and less wax) than traditional bullet lipsticks, then they dry down to an opaque, almost chalky, matte finish.

Use Pink Friday Lipstick to accent a bold matte lip with full color this is now your power accessory. Velvet matte lipstick colors have become popular with the recent velvet matte lipstick trend.

How to Get the best Liquid Matte Lipstick Finish:
First off, prep carefully. Pink Friday Cosmetics recommends using a lip scrub first. Maybe also use a lip conditioner as a pre-application then wiping it off. (Anything too waxy or oily will decrease the staying power of the matte lipstick.) Finally, when you’re ready to apply, “Apply in layers, rather than excess. Less is more.”

We also recommend a lip liner to help with staying power and to get a crisp line, you can also use a very light coat of colorless Lip Primer just to protect your lips. Enjoy! xx

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Showing all 6 results